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Learning Factors and Multiples and Comparing Fractions

Factors and Multiples Collage



Cailey started learning about factors and multiples last week. At first she was having a lot of trouble remembering the difference between the two. So, I Googled. LOL I saw a lot of really cute ideas for helping kids learn the difference. The only problem? I can’t draw. Not even decent stick people… SO, I made MY versions. 😉


Factors and Multiples 008 Factors and Multiples 009


Here are the 2 charts that I made. She keeps them in her Chair Buddy and pulls them out whenever she needs a little refresher.



Factors and Multiples 004


Then I made little flip books so she could practice her tables, factors and multiples.


Here are some of the links that I came across in my search!


Math Is Fun

Johnnie’s Math Page

Young Teacher Love

Ms Glanz


We have now moved on to comparing fractions! Here are some great links to help with that!

ABCya – scroll down to numbers


Worksheet Fun

Flapjack Educational Resources






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