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Busy Summer!!!

WOW! Have we been BUSY!!!! We’ve had more company and we’ve been checking out our new city more. We’ve gone to 2 block parties and back to one of our favorite places!


Block Parties 2013 001 Block Parties 2013 002 Block Parties 2013 003 block parties 2013 006


These are pictures from the first block party! My goodness it was hot last week!!!


Block Parties 2013 007 block parties 2013 008


And here are pics from the 2nd block party!

The kids had a lot of fun and we think we’ve found our new church! 😀


block parties 2013 011 block parties 2013 017


We also went back to the World’s Fair Park. The kids love it there. We took Jacob up in the Sunsphere. He thought it was cool. 😉 Then we hit the fountains. Last week was a broiler so they really needed a place to cool off. 😉



Another reason that I have been so quiet is that we are done to one computer! YILES!!! HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!! Our desktop is acting crazy and has been going out on us, this time it’s been 6 days!!!! We think we have a loose connection and have been trying to find someone to look at it for us.





Comments on: "Busy Summer!!!" (6)

  1. bakinginatornado said:

    Looks like you’re having fun and settling in well. Sure wish I could move that water park to my back yard!

  2. Sorry about your computer troubles.. [They can be soooo frustrating!!!]
    What a fun summer you are having!! SO proud everyone , is settling in and you are liking
    your new home.. Best wishes.

  3. Looks like a fabulous place to live! Hope your week/weekend goes well… and yes, we’ve missed you – sill computers!

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