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Never Cut Your Patterns AGAIN!!!

Have you ever had a pattern that you thought you would use more than once and for different sizes??? Well, I have found a simple solution to NOT cutting the pattern!!

When I was making the monkey pajamas for my friend Lisa’s granddaughter, I knew that I was going to use that pattern again later for Cailey. Lisa’s granddaughter needed the smallest size and Cailey would use the largest size. What to do????

Here is my idea.


Patterns 001


Iron out your pattern (not like the picture LOL). Place it over ironed paper and put down paper weights (I usually use my owl figurines).  Take a Sharpie (or other marker) and trace the pattern lines.


Patterns 003


The marker will bleed through the pattern tissue and leave very good markings on your paper.

I used left over packing paper but you can use any kind. If you need bigger pieces than what you have, just tape them together on the back. Dollar Tree used to sell brown paper for packages, that would be perfect!


Patterns 006


Write the number on each piece and any of the instructions you think you will need. I am going to go back and write the pattern name and the size on these so I will remember. 😉


There you go! Never cut into a pattern again!




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