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Chest of drawers redo 003



I had painted this chest of drawers black a couple of years ago. I wish I had a picture of it in its original state. You wouldn’t believe the difference! LOL



Chest of Drawers Make Over 003


Can I just say that I LOOOOOVE LOOOOOVE LOOOOOVE the way it turned out!!! It’s just the way I wanted it!! YAY!!!

I used the exact same paints and stuff that I used for the Door to Headboard Upcycle.

When I painted the dresser black, I just painted right over the pulls. This time I took them off and painted them blue.


I also made 2 skirts for Skirting the Issue! 🙂


Skirting the Issue 2013 004


Deanna has been very adamant that I should make things for older girls. I made this skirt for a teen girl. She was very pleased. 😉


Skirting the Issue 2013 006


This is the other one I made. It’s such a sweet print.


I am nearly out of donated fabric, which, if you think about it, it a WONDERFUL thing!! It means that the lives of so many children have been touched!!! YAY!!!!! Isn’t that AWESOME??? Everyone that donated fabric has touched the lives of children all over the WORLD! Not just the US but South Africa, too!!! YAY for you!!!! 😀

We are going to have company today!! YAY!! Some friends that we’ve had for 12 years (or so) are coming to visit with us for a few days! I can’t wait to see them!! So, if I’m a little quieter than normal, you know why! LOL





Comments on: "Chest of Drawers Redo Reveal" (16)

  1. Eileen B. said:

    I love the dresser!! It’ll look great with the headboard!

  2. The dresser is adorable.. I love the style of it and you did an excellent job , redoing it.
    Love to see a photo of the room , bet it looks great with the bed…
    Hope you have lots of fun with your friends ..Happy July 4th..

    • Thank you so much, Judy!!!!

      The room is still a definite work in progress… LOL I still have a lot that I want to do with it before the final room reveal! 😉

      HAPPY 4th!!!! 😀

  3. This looks so good. Another amazing project. WOW! And sewing, too. Where do you find the time? I especially like the yellow print with purple flowers… very nice. 🙂

  4. Love it! And the skirts, too! Mine are still sitting on the sewing room table waiting to be sewn!

  5. easycraftsforchildren said:

    Amazing projects 🙂

  6. bakinginatornado said:

    I loved the headboard and I love the dresser, you did an amazing job. New blog title:
    Stacy Sews and Schools and Refurbishes.

  7. you’re busy, you’re creative, and you’re my neighbor at New Nostalgia today! so nice to meet you!

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