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Summer Fun 008


Colin is a happy little fella with his new PJs. He has been begging me for a very long time to make them for him. Poor guy. 😉

I made them same way I did his dinosaur PJs.  The only difference is that I made my own bias tape and did a lettuce hem at the bottom.

I bought 3 yards of that mushroom fabric when it was on clearance at Hancock’s.  I was hoping to have enough to make Cailey and Deanna PJs out of it BUT it was way too narrow. I should still be able to make Cailey some, though. I’m thinking of a nightgown.


Cailey LOVES to draw. It’s probably her favorite thing in the world to do. Here are some of her chalk drawings.


Summer Fun 011 Summer Fun 014 Summer Fun 016 Summer Fun 019


She drew the entire cast of SpongeBob! LOL As a matter of fact, I need to go out and photograph the rest of them. 😉


Today I will be starting on my chest of drawers redo. I SHOULD be able to post the finished project on Wednesday! 🙂


Don’t forget to check out Skirting the Issue over at Project Run & Play!!!




Comments on: "Colin’s Mushroom PJs and Chalk Fun" (5)

  1. Eileen B. said:

    Love the PJ’s! Cailey is very talented!

  2. Love those PJs those are adorable and cailey has some talent there

  3. Adorable pj’s.. Great find on the fabric. Tooo cute.
    Cailey’s drawings are great..
    Can’t wait to see your chest redo.. I love redoing furniture.. When we finish Kenny’s
    cabin, I am going to do some redo’s too… Fun..

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