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My Goodness…..


It’s been a whole week since my last post!! MY GOODNESS!!!! I am SO sorry!!! It’s been crazy and hectic around here. I am still unpacking… I am working on my sewing room/library. That’s about all that’s left except for figuring out where to put some little things. I have most of MY books put up but there are still boxes and boxes and BOXES of the kids’ books. YILES!!!!!!

I have also been fighting yet another ear infection. MY GOODNESS!!!!! What is up with that????? And of course, we are in between insurance, again…. So I have just had to suck it up and deal with it. Thankfully it seems to be getting better now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my first sewing project ought to be once I get up and running again. I am in desperate need of some new clothes so I think the first few things will actually be for ME!!! LOL

I have been thinking a lot about this pattern-

Simplicity 2947

It looks SOOOO comfy and perfect for summer!!!


I wish I could remember what other patterns I have. They are still buried in a box somewhere.  MY GOODNESS!!!!


I think I am going to keep an eye on the Joann’s ads. I want some more patterns!! Like these…..


























OH!! I got a couple of books for Mother’s Day!! Right now I am almost finished with Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants. MY GOODNESS!!! It is sooooo good!! I have never read anything by Ken Follett before and if this book is anything to go by then I have seriously been missing out. I wish I had the next in the series!!!

The Hubby got me Dan Brown’s Inferno!!!! I should be starting it tomorrow! I just LOVE his Robert Langdon series and have been reading it from the beginning.

Joshua got me Charlaine Harris’s Dead Ever After. It is the very last Sookie Stackhouse book!!! MY GOODNESS!!!! WAH!!! It was a great ending to an awesome series and I just don’t know what I am going to do without any more!!! WAH!!!!!!!






Comments on: "My Goodness….." (6)

  1. HI Stacy, SO proud you and family are getting all settled in and the unpacking is getting done..eeeh… that is such a yucky job.. Wish I was close by, I would help you.
    I love all your pattern ideas.. I got a Joanns sale paper, and they are doing all the big 4 pattern sales in May.. lots of good sales..Do you have a Jo Anns close by? Hancocks has some good pattern sales too..[I need to stay away,lol]
    happy sewing.

    • OH!! YAY for the sales!!!!! I am going to have to check it out!!!
      We have a Joann’s but no Hancocks. WAH!! Hancock’s is my favorite!! But at least we have the Joann’s! LOL

  2. Hey there, great to hear from you. You’re one busy lady, so don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂

  3. You are so busy! I’m glad you’re finding your footings and will be sewing again soon. Check out CLUB BMV. I subscribed to them a while ago. They send you emails on sales fromt he big four pattern companies. I wait until the days they go on sale for 1.88. You don’t have to join the club, that costs money, but they still allow the public to the pattern sales. Hope you are staying cool!

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