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World's Fair Park 020



In our quest to do all things free in Knoxville while trying to keep the cabin fever at bay, we went to the World’s Fair Park yesterday. We started out TRYING to go to the McClung museum on the UT campus…. Yeah, THAT was an experience! We couldn’t find parking ANYWHERE!! Well, there was that one parking lot about 5 blocks from the museum but there was no way I was going to get the kids to hike 5 blocks and then walk through the whole museum…. LOL Soooo, we decided to hit the World’s Fair Park. 🙂


World's Fair Park 006



We went up to the observation deck in the Sunsphere. Some of us thought that was really cool and others (Joshua and Deanna) were freaked out by being that high in the air…. Now, these are the kids that rode every roller coaster Kings Dominion has to offer, but are afraid of the Sunsphere….. I don’t get it. LOL



World's Fair Park 011 World's Fair Park 012 World's Fair Park 017


Views of the park from the observation deck.



World's Fair Park 021


Oh, look!! It’s a picture of Deanna!! Hee hee hee hee! 😉



World's Fair Park 052 World's Fair Park 053 World's Fair Park 058



The park also has a nice playground that the kids enjoyed. Even Deanna. 😉



World's Fair Park 063



As the day wore on it got quite warm! The only thing to do was to hit the fountains! LOL


But remember!

World's Fair Park 008





There’s another aspect to the park that I will be talking about tomorrow. I think it warrant its own post.



We are SUPPOSED to hear something about the house today! Wish us luck!!!












Comments on: "A Day at the Fair …. Sort of……" (6)

  1. Even in a bad situation… some families know how to have fun… It is really a pretty
    park, isn’t it?
    Sending prayers that you get good news today…and you soon all get settled in..

  2. Great that you had a second option, I probably would have been stuck. It looks like your second option worked out just fine, the kids look like they’re having lots of fun.

    I have my fingers crossed for the house, but then I have since you first mentioned it!

  3. that looks like a kool place will have to go there we come visit good luck on the house hope yall get it im ready to see you guys I miss yall

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