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I promised pictures of my little cousin Liam in the clothes that I made, there he is in his leggings and bandanna bib that I made for him!!!! Isn’t he an absolute DOLL?????  If you want to more pictures of Liam the cutie patootie, just go to Rivas & Co.


I am still feeling a bit BLAH. This fibro flare up has dug in and won’t let go. Pray for me, please! We have Birthdays and travelling coming up and I need to be feeling better!!


Tomorrow I will be posting a new unit study and on Friday it will be time for a new Fly on the Wall!!! YAY!!!!

After all of that I am hoping to get my art inspired dress done in time for the linky party over at Project Run & Play. So far my machine isn’t playing well with others. GRRR!! My stitches are all off again. I think I need The Hubby to take it apart. The last time this happened something had broken loose inside. :/ I have had to rip out some stitches in the bodice twice already!!!



Comments on: "Liam’s Leggings and Bandanna Bib" (13)

  1. Pam Jones said:

    Liam looks so cute! I wasn’t sure I liked the leggings and bib until I saw them on him! I thought they would look a bit feminine on a boy, but with the hat and that ‘manly’ look they are great. Sometimes you amaze me with your creativity!

  2. So adorable..both leggins and model.. Great job Stacy.. Hope your feeling better.

  3. OMG, Liam is a little doll! I can’t believe you’re still not well. Feel better soon!

  4. Eileen B. said:

    Liam is adorable!!! HUGS for the fibro pain!

  5. Regena Fickes said:

    Hugs for the leggings, Liam and you. You did a fantastic job on the leggings. Praying for healing for you..

  6. I LOVE this!! I actually just started adding cute shaped patched to my boys knees – but your material is fantastic! So glad I stopped by.

  7. […] last year at Hancock’s. The sleeves are the left overs from the Reverse Applique Leggings and Bandanna Bib I made for my little cousin Liam. I got that print from Joann’s.  A word of warning, when […]

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