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Liam’s Leggings and Bandanna Bib


I promised pictures of my little cousin Liam in the clothes that I made, there he is in his leggings and bandanna bib that I made for him!!!! Isn’t he an absolute DOLL?????  If you want to more pictures of Liam the cutie patootie, just go to Rivas & Co.


I am still feeling a bit BLAH. This fibro flare up has dug in and won’t let go. Pray for me, please! We have Birthdays and travelling coming up and I need to be feeling better!!


Tomorrow I will be posting a new unit study and on Friday it will be time for a new Fly on the Wall!!! YAY!!!!

After all of that I am hoping to get my art inspired dress done in time for the linky party over at Project Run & Play. So far my machine isn’t playing well with others. GRRR!! My stitches are all off again. I think I need The Hubby to take it apart. The last time this happened something had broken loose inside. :/ I have had to rip out some stitches in the bodice twice already!!!



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