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Middle Ages Unit Study

Yesterday was crazy busy here. Both girls had appointments at the eye doc. Both girls will be getting new glasses. SIGH….. Seems their vision is getting worse. BOTH OF THEM!!! Deanna is going back to bifocals and Cailey’s astigmatisms are getting worse. SO not good news!!!! I had hoped to have a new tutorial up for you today but it looks like that may have to wait until tomorrow or the next day. :/ In the meantime, check out this unit study!

Most of the units I put together can be used for elementary through middle school and some could be stretched to high school, as well. I usually try to throw in some things for younger kids, too. I know that most of us are teaching a few ages at once! LOL


Most of these can be found at your library, cheap on Amazon OR on Paperback Swap (my favorite book site).

DK Eyewitness Medieval Life 

DK Eyewitness Knight

DK Eyewitness Castle

Castles, Pyramids and Palaces

In the Time of Knights

The Great Castle Search

Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures – Medieval Castle


Discovering Knights and Castles 

Knights & Castles : 50 Hands on Activities to Experience the Middle Ages

Knight : A Noble Guide for Young Squires

The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House, Bk 2)

Magic Tree House – The Knight at Dawn

Magic Tree House Research Guide – Knights and Castles

Days of the Knights – Eyewitness Reader (Level 4)

Measly Middle Ages – Horrible Histories 

Terrible Tudors – Horrible Histories

You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Medieval Knight

You Wouldn’t Want to Be Sick in the 16th Century

You Wouldn’t Want to Be in a Medieval Dungeon

Saint George and the Dragon

Time Warp Trio – Knights of the Kitchen Table

Mary, Bloody Mary

Beware, Princess Elizabeth

Nine Days a Queen

Catherine, Called Birdy

The Whipping Boy

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Ghosts of the Tower of London

Beware the King

The Door in the Wall

The Ravenmaster’s Secret 





If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry! You can add the app to your computer or cell phone for free! We have it on our desktop, laptop and my iPhone! LOL My e-reader is a Nook. 😉

Medieval Kings of England – free for Prime

Medieval – Picture Book – free for Prime

Knights! – Kids Look and Learn – free for Prime

Knights! For Kids! Learn to Read! – free for Prime

Castles – Picture Book – free for Prime

Discover Series – Castles – $2.99


The Elizabethan Renaissance Unit Study – free for Prime






Knights and Castles Lapbook – Homeschool Share

The Plague Lapbook – Homeschool Share

Connections – Middle Ages – Homeschool Share

William Shakespeare Lapbook – Homeschool Helper Online

Notebooking – Homeschool Helper Online – scroll down

Notebooking – HS Launch

Knights – Activity Village

Tudors – Activity Village

Castle Coloring Pages – Activity Village

Shakespeare – Activity Village

St. George – Activity Village

Knights – DLTK-Kids

Castles – DLTK-Kids

Medieval Coloring Pages –

Middles Ages Study and Lapbook – Squidoo

Medieval Coloring Pages – Squidoo

Medieval Pack – Royal Baloo

Knights Preschool Pack – Homeschool Creations

Knights Notebooking – Last in Line

Medieval Pack – 3 Dinosaurs

Notebooking – Notebooking Fairy






Medieval Castle Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $7

The Middle Ages Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $8

The Renaissance Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $7

The Norman Conquest Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $9

The Anglo-Saxons Curriculum – Hands of a Child – $9


The Middle Ages – Unit Study – Currclick – $3.50


Simple Schooling Middle Ages – Currclick – $7.50


Timeline Add-Ons: Middle Ages – Currclick – 50 cents


Make Your Own … ABC Book About the Middle Ages – Currclick – $1.99


Who’s Who in the Middle Ages Booklet – Currclick – 25 cents


History Scribe – Medieval Times – Currclick – 96 cents


Medieval Life: Fedualism and Beyond Unit Study – Currclick – $3.50


Daily Life in the Medieval World – Currclick – $3.60







Middle Ages Coat of Arms – Crayola

Learn About the Middle Ages – Squidoo

Middle Ages Freebies – Squidoo

Music in the Middle Ages – Squidoo

The Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Reformation – Squidoo

Medieval Feast and Field Trip Ideas – Squidoo

Knights & Ladies Lessons – Squidoo

Magic Tree House The Knight at Dawn Study Guide – Squidoo

Learning About the Middle Ages Through Crafts and Stories – Squidoo

Knights & Castles Theme – Our Montessori Home

Medieval Castles

Mini Siege Engines –

Middle Ages –

Middle Ages for Kids

Middles Ages – Kids Konnect

Middle Ages – A to Z Kids Stuff

Skipton Castle

Chillingham Castle

Castles, Knights and a Medieval Village Unit – Our Busy Homeschool

Medieval Life


Middle Ages – BBC History

The Renaissance Connection

Tudor Britain

Middle Ages – Online books – Heritage History

Medieval Crafts – A Book in Time

Middle Ages for Kids – Mr. Donn






Comments on: "Middle Ages Unit Study" (2)

  1. Hi Stacy, so sorry to hear your girls are having trouble with thier eyes.. My daughter, has the same troubles.. She year, I would take her to the eye doctor,and each year they would be a little worse..Really worried me.. But, once she got 19-20 yrs old..It began to level off
    and stay the same.. She still has bad eyesight, but at least it leveled.
    hope you have a better day today.. Sending hugs and prayers.

    • Thank you, Judy!!!
      That’s what they said about Cailey, that it should level off at some point. It’s just so bad already that I can’t imagine it getting much worse. :/

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