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Tee to Short-all Refashion Tutorial

Tee to Short-all 1


My cousin, Sandra (Rivas & Co.) is my newest client! YAY!!! She bought a t-shirt for Liam in the smallest size available (about a child’s 6/7) but it was way too big (Liam is 15 months old)! What to do, what to do??? AH HA! Make it a short-all! So she gave me a call and asked if I could do it. SURE! 🙂


What I Used


6 size 16 snaps (7/16 “)

navy thread




Step 1


Tee to Short-all 2

Cut out a section at the bottom of the tee to make the legs.

HINT – if you want snaps in the crotch, DO NOT cut this big of a section out….. Learn from MY mistakes. 😉 I would just cut it straight and then fold and press.

Also, if you aren’t concerned about the neck and arm holes being too big, you can simply add the snaps to the crotch and be done! 😉




Step 2 –


Tee to Short-all 3


I took my BFF, the seam ripper, and took the binding off of the arm holes.


HINT- If you aren’t concerned about the arms being too big you can skip that part. Especially if you are putting the snaps in the crotch. 😉



Step 3 –


Tee to Short-all 4

Cut a tad off the sides to create your new arm holes.





Step 4 –

Tee to Short-all 6

Take your trusty seam ripper and pick apart the shoulders. Then fold over 1″ , press and top stitch.

Add your snaps!

This will also make the neck smaller. 😉




Step 5  – 


Tee to Short-all 8


Stitch the ends in place.




Step 6 –


Tee to Short-all 12


Pin and stitch the inseam.



Step 7 – 


Tee to Short-all 16


Pin the binding back on the arm holes and stitch in place.


NOTE – My machine was not being well behaved and kept chewing up the binding, so I just folded the edges of the arm holes over and stitched in place.  Ever since I had to get a new presser foot my machine has been touchy. :/



Step 8 –


Tee to Short-all 18


Pin and stitch the side seam.



You are ALLLLLL done! 😀


Tee to Short-all 22



Now my little cousin Liam has a new short-all with his daddy’s ship on it! YAY!!!!!



If you have any questions at all, please feel free to use the Contact Me button at the top of the page and shoot me an e-mail! 🙂




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