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A Day at the Beach

Beach 095



As most of you know, Jacob (our oldest son) is visiting from Virginia for a few days and brought his best friend, Charles, with him. We decided to take the morning and head to the beach! Our older 3 kids hadn’t been to the beach since they were VERY little and our youngest 2 had never been at all!! I LOVE the beach but, unfortunately, The Hubby does NOT, so while he was at work we took off and went! We are much closer to the beach here than when we lived in Virginia so now I can take the kids any time! YAY!!!!




Beach 098




Beach 101





Beach 104





Beach 109


Left to right : Joshua, Jacob and Charles.




Beach 115


It was in the 60’s yesterday, so while not exactly ideal beach weather it was still warm enough to dip our toes. 😉

Shhh!! I actually got a picture of Deanna!!!




Beach 118


We saw A LOT of sand dollars!! SOOOOOO COOL!!!!



Beach 122


We also saw a jelly fish that had washed up on shore.




Beach 154


Jacob found a dead horseshoe crab. He thought it was pretty awesome. LOL




Beach 132






Beach 136


Colin’s sandcastle.




Beach 143





Beach 146


Cailey’s sandcastle.







We had a FANTASTIC day at the beach and the kids can’t wait to go back! YAY!!!


On a sad note, Jacob and Charles leave this evening to head back to Virginia. I hate to see them go but at least they are heading back with new experiences. I hope the train ride back is more comfortable for them!




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