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Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness


The Epic Award of Epic Awesomeness was bestowed upon me by the epically awesome, super hilarious Just a Little Nutty!!

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! It’s about time someone recognized my epic awesomeness… LOL 😉

The rules are simple:
Nominate 10 bloggers that you think deserve this.
Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
So, here’s goes the fun!


Ten things… Hmm…. Let me think…… I want to put something different from what is on my About Me page. 😉

1- I am short… VERY short! Barely 5 ft tall!!!

2- I don’t really have a favorite color, I like them all!! Well, except brown. BLECK!!!  But if I absolutely HAD to pick it would be close between yellow and red.

3- I have fibromyalgia and it SUCKS! Big time!! It’s definitely kicking my butt this week. :/

4- I realllly realllly REALLLLY want to go to England and Ireland someday.

5- I can wiggle my ears! LOL

6- I have been a member at Paperback Swap for almost 6 1/2 years and I have definitely built a sizable personal library. LOL  The Hubby never stops complaining about all of my books. 😛 to him!

7- I can speak pig Latin. (Yes, I am reaching now. LOL) My cousin and I were taught my aunt.

8- I have thing for cows and owls. I’ve collected cows for about 25 years! The owl obsession has only been for the past 5 or 6 years.

9- I am taking 5 college courses right now, only one is for a certificate, though. The rest are just for the sake of the knowledge itself. I will be picking up 2 more classes in the next few months but at least one of them will be done by then.

10- I am an only child. My dad is one of 9 and my mom was one of 15. The Hubby is one of 5 boys. And of course, I have 5 of my own. 😉


There you! 10 completely boring facts about me… LOL

Now to pass this on to 10 other EPICALLY AWESOME bloggers!

In NO particular order they are…


1- Rivas & Co.

2- Eileen’s Perpetually Busy

3- Patti’s Reading Corner

4- Sew Blessed Maw

5- Sewspicious Minds

6- Cindy’s Books & Bits

7- Little Kids Grow

8- Hopeful Threads

9- SquigglyTwigs Designs

10- Sewville


Go check out all these WONDERFUL blogs!! You won’t be sorry!!


OH!! Coming up Friday is the Secret Subject Swap Take 2 for February! YAY!!!!!!!! 😀

In a few days I will be sharing 2 pattern tests for SquigglyTwigs Designs!!!!

I am working on my signature look for final challenge at Project Run & Play. You should stop by and check out all the men’s shirt refashions in the link up!!

I am also working on study themes for Marco Polo and electricity. After that I am thinking about an owl unit…

Busy, busy, busy!! If only this flare up would go away and leave me alone I could get more accomplished!



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