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I don’t normally make resolutions. I think they are a set up for failure from the word go. LOL That sounds very defeatist doesn’t it? But I think it’s true…. That being said, this year I am making a resolution. I think it will come as no surprise to learn that I realllllly did not want to make this big move from VA to GA. SIGH… I loved it there. Then add to that the fact that Jacob decided to stay behind and you have one very sad me. I have been in a very deep funk lately and it’s time for that to change.

This year I am making one resolution: to suck it up and deal. LOL I need to get over myself and move on with life no matter what it throws at me.

This is my new philosophy –


New Years Resolutions







Comments on: "Resolutions" (16)

  1. Pam Jones said:

    Want me to cheer you up? I can start showing you my mistakes and total failures as well as my successes! Lol
    I sure understand how much you miss Jacob! Our youngest is in CA in the Army and I miss him every day! And like you I am tring to suck it up and deal with it. After all, I raised him to be independent . ( I just didn’t know he would get this carried away with it!)
    Email me anytime you need to vent about it!

  2. Eileen B. said:

    Great philosophy!

  3. So well said… My heart and prayers go out to you.

  4. Regena Fickes said:

    During our children’s growing up years, we watch them turn into adults. We do not realize at the time that we are growing as well. Growing is not easy, it is painful at times and just plain messy. You have done a good job with Jacob, watching him spread his wings and delight in his new found independance is painful. Being so far from him and all your friends, makes it much more difficult. Of course, you are on the right path because you recognize what must be done. I am constantly watching you in admiration. Such courage and strength! I am praying for you and Jacob. May God wrap you in His grace and hold you in the palm of His hand.

  5. staci aka Patches said:

    You are taking the right steps!!

  6. This is perfect. What a great set of goals to live by. Hang in there, Stacy. I’m sending you smiles 🙂

  7. We raise our kids and teach them to spread their wings, learn , grow and fly and then……
    when they do we are sad.
    Pat yourself on the back for the great job you did with Jacob. You gave him the tools to live apart from you and he is making his own way in the world. All because of you.

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