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Sewing Wish List

So, yesterday I shared just a smidgen of my homeschool wish list. Here is just a tad of my sewing wish list! 😉




McCall’s M6642 

It has Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day! I’m thinking I could maybe do it without a pattern… maybe… 😉



Dinosaur Dig Cotton Knit Fabric

Dinosaur Dig cotton knit from The Fabric Fairy. You KNOW Colin would LOOOVE that!!! LOL




Butterick’s B5045 – LOVE this! All the views look so comfy!! And if I am going to be living in Georgia, I’m gonna need cool and comfy… LOL



LOVE this fabric!!! It is London by Amy Walters for sale on Spoonflower!


Red/Beige Floral Jersey Prints  Product #:	FC19737C  Price:  	$8.00/Yard - Mood Fabrics

This is a floral jersey print from Mood!!!  One day I would love to go to Mood. SIGH… This would be after I win the lottery, of course…. 😉



Hollywood Monster Robert Kaufman Fabric

How cool is this Robert Kaufman print???? I have NO clue what I would make out of it but I love it anyway! LOL Ohhh, maybe some curtains for Joshua’s room??




Retro Vintage Fifties Kitchen Dishes Tea Pots BY YARDS Michael Miller Fabric

This is from Micheal Miller on sale on Ebay.  I can just see a kitchen done in this!!! SIGH…..



Paul Frank!!! This is at Joann’s! SOOOOO cute!!



Holiday Inspirations-Believe In Chocolate Glitter Fabric

I would LOVE to make some book covers and tote bags out of those!!! They are also at Joann’s.


I ❤ this print but it’s no longer available at Joann’s!!! WAH!!!!!!



Vintage 1950's Girl's Teen's Junior Misses Walk-Away Dress Extremely Rare Sewing Pattern Butterick 6204 Size 12

SIGH… I love this so much! I have the adult pattern for this! This one can be found on Etsy.  It would be sooooo cute to matchy-matchy with Cailey! LOL



Wildflower Trees with Red Birds on Cotton Fabric

I am in love with this pattern from Hancock’s. It is just PERFECT for winter!! Can you see the cardinals in the trees?? AND it’s on sale right now!!! WAH!!! I need some money people…. LOL



1930 Kitchenette Pajamas

SIGH……. SIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH………. I want this pattern in a BAD, BAD way. It is the 1930’s Kitchenette Pajamas from Decades of Style pattern company.



1960s Girls' dress or jumper Vintage sewing Pattern, Simplicity 6903 size 7


1960’s Simplicity 6903 for sale on Etsy and terribly cute!!!!!


I'm dying to make a Halloween quilt from this collection. Ghastlie's Family Reunion in Mold Green by Alexander Henry

This is Ghastlie’s Family Reunion by Alexander Henry for sale on Fabric Envy. It’s supposed to just be for Halloween but weirdo that I am, I would use it any ole time of the year! LOL




Lounging at the Lido- 1930s Beach or Lounging Pajamas and Eton Jacket - $24

Wearing History Patterns, SIGH………… I want ALLLLLL of their patterns!!! LOL But especially this one!!




McCall’s 6159 I think this is such a cute look!!!! So great for fall and winter!!


B7227 Burda Style Jumpsuit & Shirt & Pants  A: Jumpsuit with straps, casual cord casing and big pockets. B: light top with straps. C: shorts with elastic casings. Three styles to enjoy your vacation.

I absolutely LOVE the overalls here. SO stinkin’ cute!!! And, yes, I would definitely wear them!!! LOL  I know it says Burda YOUNG, but really, young by whose standards?????



Playing Kimono Girls in Red - Japanese Fabric Kawaii, Half Yard

This is such a darling print!! I know exactly what pattern I would use it with!!! It’s Playing Kimono Girls in Red by Mwendas.

And this is the pattern I would use it with, I already have it in my stash. 😉


Simplicity 3588 It would look SOOOO cute with view B!!!



Soft Satin Fabric #UU-91

Soft satin fabric from Y’know… this would look fabulous with that pattern, too!!! LOL



To DIE for!!! This is from The Scientific Seamstress. SOOOOOO cute!!!



This is the Miss Elizabeth pattern from Squiggly Twigs Designs and it is gorgeous!! I am really loving it in the toile!!!!! Just fabulous!!


Anyway, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my sewing wish list! LOL I hope you enjoyed it and found some things to add to YOUR wish list!! 😉



OHH!! Maybe I should do my book wish list next??? LOL


Right now I am working on the Snoopy costume for my friend! It is going VERY well and the backside looks soooo cute with the little tail poking out! LOL

After that I will be working on Cailey’s Tinkerbell costume and I plan on posting a tutorial for it. I’ll be flying by the seat of pants on that one!! YILES!!!!










Comments on: "Sewing Wish List" (14)

  1. Such a wonderful list. Thank you for including SquigglyTwigs.

  2. I so like the London and candy fabrics. And I swear my mother had a couple of those patterns back in the day when I would peruse her collection. 😀

    • stacysewsandschools said:

      I remember my mom having a sewing machine but she never used it.
      I remember watching both of my grandmothers sew but neither of them had a fabric stash. They must have only bought fabric for a specific purpose and used it right away.

      • My mom still has tons of fabric downstairs. We thought it was only three buckets, but my brother said there are three more in the closet. I’ll have to ask her if she has any of her old patterns. If she does, maybe I can talk her in to posting it on ebay or something. I have tried to do that with her fabric, but haven’t been successful yet.

        • stacysewsandschools said:

          She could make a good bit of money with the patterns, definitely!!!!
          Neither of my grandmothers used patterns, at least not that I saw! LOL

          • My mom didn’t always either. I wasn’t going to attend my junior prom because my boyfriend was a schmuck. But my friend talked me into it that morning at school. I called my mom and told her that I had decided to go and needed a dress. She made this simple blue dress, I think its called an A-line….maybe. Form fitting on top, flowing into the skirt? Well anyway it was beautiful and she only had to do a couple quick alterations to tighten it in the bust and shoulder. Although I hate lace, that was my favorite prom dress, ever. Even over the one she made me my senior year and had weeks to work on. She’s amazing. I wish I was as talented as she is.

            • stacysewsandschools said:

              WOW!! What an AWESOME memory!!!!! That is GREAT!!!! 🙂

              • Yes, yes it was. I think that was the turning point in our relationship. We have never been overly close like other mother/daughter relationships. But it opened my eyes that she would do that. I hate lace, just hate it, but it was very beauitufl. Thanks Stacy!

                • stacysewsandschools said:

                  That is really great!!! One of the hardest relationships in the world is the mother/daughter one!!!
                  LOL about the lace! I love it. LOL

  3. Stacy, what a fantastic wish list.. I love it…
    Now…when you win that sweepstakes, I hope I win one [at about the same time],,You and I can meet up at Moods..I would LOVE to go to.. and that would be the only way I could go [But, now that I think about it, I would be scared to get on the plane. oh doesn’t hurt to wish.haha]
    That wrap dress pattern for children.. Adorable.. I went to Etsy to look at it, and almost had a heart attack at the $50 price tag…eeeh.. My grandaughters would look adorable in it,but not that cute!!! lol
    Thankyou for putting all the places to find this adorble fabrics.I really enjoyed looking at it..
    Have you started packing? How are you doing.. Have been praying for you.

    • stacysewsandschools said:

      THANK YOU, Judy!
      Yeah, I won’t be buying that pattern, either… LOL After I make the one for me I might be able to do one in her size…. MAYBE… 😉
      We can take the train to New York!!! LOL You get on in Memphis and I will get on in Atlanta and away we’ll go! LOL
      We have been sorting through things. We haven’t been packing because the movers will do that for us, THANK GOODNESS!!! LOL
      THANK YOU SO MUCH for the prayers!!!!!!

  4. Yea..thats a good idea.. Train… I would feel much better in a Now…………we just have to win the lottery!!! hahahahahha

    • stacysewsandschools said:

      Yep! And I guess we should also actually PLAY the lottery so we would have a better chance of winning it….. LOL

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