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What Have I Been Up to Lately

Well, to be honest, not much. LOL I haven’t felt well the past 2 days so I haven’t done much of anything. :/ Including blogging! Yes, I am a very bad blogger, again….. 😦


But today I made myself go pick up the books that were on hold for me at the library. Here are the books I picked up!


Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing

Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing



Fashion Drawing The Basic Principles

Fashion Drawing The Basic Principles




100 Unforgettable Dresses

100 Unforgettable Dresses

OMGosh!!! This book is AHHHH-MAZING!!! Definitely drool worthy.





In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine

In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine

Another amazing book!! Oh my goodness!!!!!


I have also made some decisions about how will homeschool this year. I keep going back and forth on the unschooling vs. the way we have been schooling… I have decided to keep on the way we have been with math and language and to unschool all other topics. That way it helps me keep control in some areas and lets them have control in others. I still may go back and forth…. LOL I just don’t know!! I am soooo confused!!!! I like the thought of unschooling but I just don’t know if it would work for my kids…


And will someone please remind me to call the lady at the social services dept. I need to ask if it’s OK if we put Bibles in the bags.  I keep forgetting to call and ask.

OH! I saw a great meme the other day that reminded me of myself…. LOL

I *think* the image comes from Mommy Has A Potty Mouth but I couldn’t swear to it…


I joined Twitter!!! YAY!! I am still trying to figure it all, though… 😉 I added the Twitter button over on the side somewhere so click it and follow along! 😉

I have all the fabric cut for the McCall’s M6553, I just need the gumption to get sewing on it!!! Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better day!!! Then I need to sew more bags for Bags of Hope and Love ❤. Then I will get started on some of the designs I have been sketching!! That will mean new tutorials! YAY!!! 🙂


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