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YAY! A Fixed Sewing Machine and Three New Bags of Hope and Love

YAY!! I figured it out and got it fixed!! 🙂 This time it was actually something simple….. Unlike last time it was NOT the tension, it was the bobbin…. Note to self – Try the simple stuff FIRST!!!

As soon as I got it fixed I started finishing up three tote bags for Bags of Hope and Love. YAY!!! I decided to make totes for girls and backpacks for boys. 🙂









I am so excited about the bags!!! I think the pink one is my favorite even though I ❤ the Pink Panther.

I think I will FINALLLLLLY start cutting the fabric for my dress! YAY!!! But that will probably be all I will be able to do tomorrow. The girls are going to a sleep over at church which means that C2 will be soooooo lonely! We will have to keep him very occupied!

Look at this sweet little picture that I just took of Bonnie!



Isn’t she sweet????


I also have a couple of hush hush projects that I will be starting on. I won’t be able to really tell y’all about them… I don’t want the recipients to find out! 😉

So, anything interesting going on this weekend?? Any cool new projects??

And, Judy, where are you?? Getting worried about you!!!


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