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Three Little Skirts for Three Little Girls



I finished up the matching skirts for C1 and her 2 BFFs! YAY!!!! Next on my sewing agenda will be a book cover for D’s favorite book (on archaeology), girly bags for Bags of Hope and Love and then I will FINALLY be getting to a dress for me. LOL

Still waiting to cut the fabric on this

McCall’s M6553  Which just so happens to be on sale again… This time for $1.88!!! OMGosh!! What are you waiting for??? Go grab it!! 😉

I am planning on coloring blocking with 2 different shades of blue. I can’t wait! SQUEEE!!!


I have been doing tons of sketching lately. The ideas are coming left and right! YAY!!! I need to get started on some fall things. Summer will be ending soon. It’s already been MUCH cooler here, although I don’t expect that to last. LOL

So, what have you been up to lately????



Little sleepy heads. 🙂






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