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YIPPPEEEE!!! Winning Contests! And Other Stuff ;)

I have been VERY lucky lately. I seem to be winning contests left and right! Here are the 2 that I just won!

I won a £40 give away to The Retrosphere from Vintage Living!!!! WOOO HOOO!

This is what I picked.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that bag!!! OMGosh!!!



I also won 3 Pink Fig patterns from Ode to Inspiration!! YIPPEE!!

Here are the 3 patterns that I picked!


TOOO CUTE!!!! I can’t wait to try them out! 🙂


I think I will keep entering contests. I seem to be on a roll. LOL  I used to never win anything. I should have started a blog a LONG time ago! LOL It seems to be my lucky charm!!!


In sewing news.. 😉 I have finished 2 of the fat quarter skirts and have the pieces cut for the 3rd! Cailey and her 2 BFFs will look so cute in them!!! Then I will be making some girly bags for Bags of Hope and Love.

Speaking of Bags of Hope and Love, I got up in front of church yesterday and appealed to the congregation to help out in supporting this cause.  I am an awful public speaker. I ten to forget half of what I want to say…. BUT they responded with MUCH love and support! A few ladies expressed interest in helping to sew the bags! YAY!!! And the youth group and GAs are behind helping to fill the bags! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I love my church family. They are so caring and so supportive. They are TRULY the meaning of church family. I thank God for leading me to them.

In homeschooling news, I have Cailey’s year sort of rough drafted. Colin will still be more unschooled. I have given the older 2 the task of designing their own year. Once I get their lists I will get the materials together for them. They know what subjects they HAVE to do (math, language, etc).  We will be waiting until the 2nd week in Sept. to actually get started.

It’s a blah, dreary day here today. I guess that’s good, we need the rain!!! But it makes me not want to get anything done! LOL I reallllly need to go get my van inspected. I wonder if I can put it off another day…. LOL Queen of Procrastination! That’s me! 😉


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