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Bags of Love and Other News



Well, I have 3 bags made!! YAY!!!! 🙂 Now I am all out of that fabric.

I spoke with our youth director and she is all for getting the youth involved with Bags of Love! YAY!!! This is awesome!! She also had some great ideas about getting more people involved. I am SOOOO excited!!!!

Tomorrow I will be starting on the book and tablet covers for Keri, the contest winner. She picked some really cute fabric!



And at some point this week I REALLLLLY want to start on McCall’s M6553 for me! LOL 😉



Ooooh, and that pattern is on sale again…. 😉 $4.99…. LOL


And after alllll of that I have an idea for some cute shorts for Colin made out of fat quarters. I will definitely be making a tutorial for that so stick around!!!! 😉

I also need to start thinking about the upcoming school year and what all we will be doing. I pretty much know what I will be doing for Cailey and Colin but the other 2 are up in the air a little. I know what we are doing for math, science and language but the other subjects need to be nailed down a bit more.

So what have YOU been up to????  Any sewing projects going on?


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