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High Low, High Low! It’s Off to Play I Go! Dress Tutorial

Well, I am not that big a fan of the current high-low hem lines buuuut I thought it would look cute on Cailey. 😉 So, here it is! The High Low, High Low! It’s Off to Play I Go Dress! 😉

This dress was very easy and very fast. I started it this morning and between running errands and normal day to day stuff I managed to finish it and write this tutorial! LOL



As you can see, Colin decided to photo bomb. LOL And I spelled it wrong on my picture…. Fantastic…. LOL That’s what happens when you are trying to fix pictures while one or more people are yelling MOOOOOOOOOMYYYYYYYYY!!!!! MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYY!! LOL




What I used-

About 2/3 yard for the bodice

Just over 1/2 yard for the skirt

One button

Small piece of 1/4″ elastic

1/2 package of bias tape

Ball point needle for the knit


Step 1 –









I measured Cailey’s chest while she took a deep breath. 😉 It measured 24″ so on the fold I cut the bodice width at 7″.

I cut the neckline and the arm hole. Then I cut a deep curve at the bottom. I sort of eyeballed all of that but you can definitely measure your child. I think I am just getting used to her measurements! LOL


Step 2 –




Take the front bodice piece that you just cut and use it as a guide to cut the back.

I cut the back neckline without as much curve and I cut the bottom of the back bodice without as deep a curve.

Cut a little notch in the back for the button area. 😉


Step 3 –


I cut the knit for the skirt at 29″ wide and 24″ long.


Step 4 –


Next I cut the curve in the bottom of the skirt. This I just went with instinct and eyeballing. There’s probably a MUCH better way to do this…. I just didn’t stop and think of one. 😉 LOL


Step 5 –


Pin the shoulders, right sides together and sew them. I use a finishing stitch first and then a straight stitch. I know, I know…. It’s backwards but that’s the way I like to do it! 😉

Press your seams!!


Step 6-


Next, pin the sides, right sides together. Sew the seams and press to one side. 🙂


Step 7 –


Next, open up your bias tape, pin it around the armholes and stitch it on! Press!!

Now, this is not exactly the “right” way to do bias tape but I have never had an issue doing it this way and it is MUCH fast!!!


Step 8 –



Next, open up the bias tape, pin it around the neckline and down into the cutout for the button. Stitch it on and press!!


Step 9 –


Now, place your button and sew it on.


Step 10 –




I cut about 2″ of the 1/4″ elastic and attached it to the inside of the back neckline directly across from the button. 🙂 It’s so small that I didn’t bother with a zigzag stitch and just used a straight stitch.


Step 11 –


Next, run 2 sets of gathering stitches at the top of the skirt.

To do a gathering stitch on my machine, I set both stitch setting to the highest numbers and run a straight stitch, pulling back slightly.


Step 12 –


Now, turn your bodice inside out. Insert the skirt part so that the right sides of the bodice and skirt are touching. You are going to pin the bottom of the bodice to the top of the skirt, adjusting the gathers as needed. Make sure that the open part of the skirt is dead center of the back of the bodice and slightly overlap the ends.

Now, sew them together!


Step 13 –


Now, pin the sides of the skirt part together and sew the seam!


Step 14 –


Turn the dress right side out and use your seam ripper to remove those gathering stitches that are showing! 😉


Now, you can finish it by hemming or do as I did and leave it alone. I like the natural look of unhemmed knits. 🙂


ALLLLLLL DONE!!!! Wasn’t that fast and easy???





And Colin is photo bombing again! LOL


As always, I would LOVE to know if you make this!!!!

Was this easy to follow???


OH!! Don’t forget to enter the CONTEST!!!!!


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