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Sewing Tips & Tricks

Hey! 🙂 I have absolutely NO sewing to show you…. I have been sewing, though. I am hard at work on my cousin’s PJ pants! But I can’t show them here. I just know she would peek! 😉 No sneak peeks, Amy!!

Soooo, I thought I would gather up some  of the tips and tricks that I have used or seen around the internet and share them with y’all!

Don’t worry, though! I will have some original sewing to show you no later than Monday. 😉 And next week should be full of tutorials! I have a purse design that I want to work on and then I was hit with some more inspiration last night. I think I will use that idea for the Skirting the Issue fun. 🙂


On to the Tips & Tricks!


Gathering Made Easy – Tutorial

Gathering Made Easy - Tutorial

This comes from Just Give Me a Needle. It looks like it will be a MUCH better way to gather and have the gathers STAY where they are supposed to be!!! Or am I the only one that has that problem… LOL




Drafting Your Own PDF Sewing Patterns – An Overview

Drafting Your Own PDF Sewing Patterns - An Overview

This is something that I would LOVE to learn!!!! It comes from Melly Sews



Turn one fat quarter into 5 yards

Make five yards of bias tape out of one fat quarter.

This is from Stop Staring and Start Sewing. I need this!!! I go through bias tape like most people go through tissues! LOL




Sewing Tip: Shirring/Smocking with Elastic Thread

Shirring Tutorial from Make it and Love it

This come from Make It and Love It. I realllllly want to try this out. I already have my elastic thread waiting! I just need to build up the courage to try it out! LOL 😉



How to Create Elastic Shirring

Great tutorial for shirring.

Here is another great shirring tutorial and it is brought to you by Craft Stylish.





Teach Yourself to Sew – Tutorial List

Teach Yourself to Sew - Tutorial List. Fabulous collection of all the tips for which a new sewer could ask!


This is a whole list of tutorials!! AWESOME!! This one comes from Darling Discounts and Deals.



Yardage Charts for Everything

yardage charts for everything

This is so cool!!! Need to know how much fabric you need for a certain project? Just go to J&O Fabrics!




Sew News

...and keep me up-to-date, Sew


Now this has a TON of tips, tricks and tutorials!! YAY!!!! Just hop over to Sew News!!!




Printable Bias Tape Maker

Printable Bias Tape Maker

This is from The Scientific Seamstress. I really need to print this out!!!!!




Quick and easy way to draft a missing pattern piece


From Shoes and Pie! I have not had this problem yet…. But I could definitely see it happening if I ever give into the urge to buy those gorgeous vintage patterns!!



Sewing 101: Tucks

A great tutorial from Shwin &  Shwin!



Make Your Own Handmade Fabric Labels

Make Your Own Handmade Fabric Labels...

This is from Sew Many Ways. I am definitely going to give this a try! I would love to have cute little labels!!



Well, that’s all for now, folks! 😉  Off to do some sewing!





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