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The Marvelous Romper Tutorial :)

It’s FINALLY done!! YAY!! 🙂 I am really loving the way this turned out. There might be one more thing that I would do to it but I’ll talk about that later. 😉

Here we go!

What you will need –

1 yard of main fabric (you probably will not use it all)

lace scraps

2 buttons

1 package bias tape

Shirt that fits your child well

Shorts that fit your child well

Optional – 1/4″ elastic

Step 1 – 

Place your child’s shirt on the fabric, folded side to folded side. Cut around WIDELY, leaving lots of space!! You will need about 3 extra inches.

Step 2-

If your fabric has a wrong side you will need to flip the bodice piece you just cut before laying it on the fabric. Now cut the back bodice piece.

This is what you should have. 🙂

Step 3 –

Place your child’s shorts on the fabric with the crotch pulled out all the way. Cut around it leaving a small space all around for seam allowance.

Step 4 –

Flip the leg you just cut and place it on the fabric. Cut the 2nd leg.

Step 5 –

Cut your lace to the length YOU would like it to be for the top of the blouse.

Step 6 –

Print and cut out the template for the Peter Pan collar from here –

Pin your main fabric and your lace together. Then pin the template. Cut it out. 🙂

I missed a picture of a step! So SORRY!! That’s what happens with a house full of kids… LOL

Anyway, you will need to cut your back bodice piece in half.  We have to have a way for the kiddo to get it off and on. 😉

Now you should have all of your pieces! Time to start putting them together! 😉

Step 7 –

Pin your leg from the bottom to the point. Sew the seam and press.  (If your fabric has a right side and a wrong side, make sure to pin and sew with right sides together.)

Do the same to the other leg.

Step 8 –

Remove the rotten cat from you fabric. SIGH…. Always, always, always…. LOL

Step 9 –

Turn one leg right side out. Slide it down into the other leg. Pin from the top to the crotch and sew the seam in one continuous set of stitches. (If that doesn’t make any sense check out the tutorial for the Romper and/or Skort. It has a better pic of this step.)

Turn them right side out and this is what you should have! 🙂

Step 10-

Pin one side of the back bodice to one side of the front bodice. If your fabric has a right and a wrong side, make sure to put right sides together.

Sew the seam and press.

Now do the other side.

Step 11 –

Pin the shoulders together and sew the seam. Press! (Always press the seams. Sometimes I might forget to say to…LOL)

Step 12 –

Pin some pleats into the top front of the bodice. Run a line of straight stitches to hold them in place. 😉

Step 13 –

Press over a bit on the sides of your lace. Make sure to line up the scallops on the bottom so your won’t have anything showing.

Sew a line of stitches down the sides.

Step 14 –

Fold over about a 1/2 inch from the top and press.

Step 15 –

Place your lace over the front of the bodice, positioning it to where you would like it to be. Very carefully cut out the neckline. If you have a rotary cutter I would definitely use that for this part. 😉

Step 16 –

Pin the lace and stitch it to the bodice.

Step 17 –

One thing that I should have done that I didn’t do here is finish the edges of the back bodice. You should do that… LOL Then pin 1 1/2 ”  of the edges to the inside and press. Leave the pins there for a sec.

Step 18 –

Pin your bias tape all along the top of the bodice. You can then remove the pins from the back bodice. Sew the bias tape to the neckline. 🙂 Press!

Step 19 –

Pin the bias tape around the armholes and sew it in place! Press!

As you can see, Bonnie was “helping”……

Step 20 –

Pin the back bodice from the bottom to about 1/2 way up. Sew the seam and press!

Step 21 –

Place your button at the very top of the back bodice. Placing in one the bias tape gives it a much more sturdy backing. Sew your button.

Step 22 –

Cut a piece of 1/4″  elastic. The measurement will depend on the size of your button. It will need to slip over the button and remain in place.

Next, sew the 2 ends of the elastic to the back bodice opposite the side with the button.

This is what it will look like when the loop is over the button.

Step 23 –

Now, turn your bodice inside out, slip it over the shorts and pin. I pinned some pleats in the bottom of the bodice along the lines of the top pleats. Sew your seam and press!!

Turn it right side out and pin the bias tape around the leg bottoms.  Sew it on and press!

You could certainly leave it here if you want to.

But if you want to keep going……….

Step 24 –

Now, take your collar pieces and pin them together. Sew very slowly and carefully along the scalloped side, leaving the straight side open.

Trim the seams and clip very carefully at the curves.

Turn right side out, making sure to poke all the little curves out and press.

Step 25 –

Pin your collar where you would like it to sit, wrapping the straight edge over and under the neckline. Sew it in place and press!

Step 26 –

Take your other button and sew it into the middle of the 2 collar pieces.

Oh!!! And if you like, you could always add elastic at the waist. To find out how check out this tutorial – Pajama Romper  I may be adding that element to this one… Not sure yet. I guess I will leave it up to c1. She’s the one that will be wearing it! 😉


This is what it might look like with the elastic waist.






Like always, let me know what you think. Was this easy to follow?

If you make it I would LOOOOOOVE to see it!!!


GREAT NEWS!!!! A Giveaway!

YAY!!! I have already had over 500 views today!! :)) That’s the most in one day! Soooo, in order to celebrate I am going to host a giveaway!!!

The Rules!

1- You have to be a follower! Because how else are you going to know if you won???

2- You have to leave a comment on this post!


One winner will receive all 3 patterns!

The first pattern –

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See & Sew B5443  Size A


Easy Stitch ‘n Save M5292 Size A


So, leave a comment and tell me what you love most about sewing!!!

The contest will be open until Friday Noon Eastern. 🙂


The winner will be determined by and their name will be posted no later than midnight of that same Friday.

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