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Easy Peasy Apron Tutorial






Here it is!! The part 2! 🙂 Actually, I was going to do a pinafore but when I saw how well the apron turned out I decided to leave it. What do YOU think?? Should I leave it as is or go ahead and turn it into a pinafore?? Leave me a comment and let me know!


What I used –

1 yard by 12″ cotton Swiss dot eyelet stuff (I am soooo technical!) I got it for a $1 at Hancocks in the remnants bin!! 😉

3 yards by 5″ cotton gauze (leftovers)

2 yards by 4″ cotton sheet (leftovers)

So in all this little apron cost me a dollar. ONE DOLLAR!!! 🙂


When I take pictures for the tutorials I usually take 3 shots per step just in case. Well, in this case all 3 shots of the first few steps were blurry. GRRRR!! I think I must have had something on the lens. SIGH… So, I will be telling how but I won’t be able to SHOW you for the first couple of steps. But don’t worry! This is super easy!!!




Step 1 – I cut my yard of Swiss dot stuff into 4 equal sections.


Step 2 – Sew 3 of the pieces together with the lace part in the middle. (You can look at the pic of the apron above to see what I mean).


Step 4 – Sew a hem on the 2 sides. NOT the top and bottom.




Step 5 – My 2 yards of leftover cotton sheet was in 2 pieces so I needed to sew those together.

Step 6 – Then I folded it down the middle lengthwise and pressed. Pin and sew the sides together. If you had to use more than one piece to get the 2 yards make sure your seam is on the outside when you sew the sides together.




Step 7 – Turn fabric tube right side out (SORRY!! I hate that part, too!!) and press with the seam in the middle.



Step 8 – Tuck in the ends, press and sew closed. Sorry this one is blurry. :/




Step 9 – My 3 yards of cotton gauze was in 3 pieces so I had to sew the ends together.




Step 10 – Fold up 1/2″, press, fold up another 1/2″ press, pin and sew hem.  Do the same to the 2 sides.

Step 11 – Sew a gathering stitch across the top of the gauze strip. To sew a gathering stitch on my machine I set both stitch dials to the highest setting.




Step 12 – Remove the DARN CAT!!




Step 13 – Pin the top of the ruffle to the bottom of the apron with right sides together, adjusting gathers as needed. Sew.




Step 14 – Run a gathering stitch across the top of the apron. Pin top of apron to the bottom of the ties, right sides together, adjusting gathers as you go.




Step 15 – Flip over and press the back side.









I think the apron gives the dress a vintage/retro/old-fashioned look. What do you think??


As always, let me know what you think. Was this easy to follow? If you have ANY questions, just ask! I would be more than happy to answer them.

Let me know if you make this!! I would love to see it!!


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