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My Pattern Wish List

I haven’t done a bit of sewing yet today. I’m still having bobbin issues… But I have also spent the day running errands and playing in the water with my little ones. We are thinking about getting a pool but living way out in the boonies with a well we will have to pay someone to fill the pool up. The Hubby is supposed to get a phone number to one of those places tomorrow so we can check on the prices. Fingers crossed!! I REALLLLLLY want a pool!! LOL

So, anyway, I thought I would show y’all some patterns that are on my wish list. If you are like me you can’t look at enough patterns!! LOL Or fabric, either! 😉

V1111  Misses' Tunic and Pants

Vogue 1111




V8402  Misses' Tunic and Pants

Vogue 8402




M6116  Misses' Dresses In 2 Lengths and Sash

McCall’s The Perfect Shirt Dress




V1089  Misses' Dress

Vogue 1089




M5672  Misses' Tunics and Pants In 2 Lengths and Dress  Out of Print  Our Price: $16.95  Sale Price: $1.99

McCall’s 5672




B5315  Misses' Dress and Belt  Easy  (About Sewing Ratings)  Out of Print  Our Price: $15.95  Sale Price: $1.99

Butterick  5315




Image 1
The 1940’s Sailor Girl Playsuit from Wearing History Patterns
I want that one SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! It will be mine!!! One day!! 😉
B7227 Burda Style Jumpsuit & Shirt & Pants  A: Jumpsuit with straps, casual cord casing and big pockets. B: light top with straps. C: shorts with elastic casings. Three styles to enjoy your vacation.
Ok, I KNOW this says Burda Young on it but I LOOOOOOOVE the overalls!!! I want it!! LOL
3673 Miss & Miss Petite Dresses  Misses/Miss Petite 1950's Retro Dress or Jumper
I almost picked this one up at Hancock’s the other day. LOL
3688 Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear  Misses or Plus Size Blouse, Skirt, Pants & Lined Jacket: Retro 1940's
I LOOOOVE this one but I never tuck my blouses in…. I doubt it would look nice if it was untucked… Maybe if I lost a pound or 30… 😉
Don’t you just LOVE the vintage rereleases??? AWESOME!!!
2207 Misses' Steampunk Costume  Steampunk fashion. Misses' Victorian era inspired costume sewing pattern. Arkivestry Collection.  $10.75
Steampunk!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!! I LOVE STEAMPUNK!! I’ve read a lot of steampunk books over the past couple of years. Gail Carriger, Cherie Priest, Cassandra Clare just to name a few. 😉
 6130 Misses' Sportswear  Misses' peplum top with neckline and sleeve variations, slim pants, pencil skirt and tie belt. New Look sewing pattern.
I have been drooling over this one for a while. I have the perfect red and white polka dot fabric  for the view the model is wearing. I just keep forgetting to look for the pattern! LOL I get caught up in all the vintage/retro rereleases!
B7494 Burda Style, Jacket & Dress
I love this one. SIGH…..
Have you all seen the Sew Weekly Make This Look???
I’ll just give you a little taste. 😉
Click on the link to check out more Make This Look!! And then sigh and drool over them like I do.
OHHHH!!! Those SHOES!!! And the hats!!! AND the bags!!!!!
Ok, now I need to mop up the drool off my keyboard! 😉
You can always check out my Pinterest for more patterns!! I have GOBS of vintage patterns Pinned on there!
Now, off to try to figure out why my bobbin is acting stupid… Maybe my sewing machine is possessed, again!

Comments on: "My Pattern Wish List" (6)

  1. Carol P. said:

    Try googling your bobbin issue – I know my Mom had a similar issue many many many many…. many years ago and it was something to do with a tension setting have been *ahem* altered.

    (No fabric so no cats huh?)

    • THANKS!!!
      I looked it up and it did say something about the tension. I may just have to keep fiddling with it. :/
      I oiled it, changed the needle (again) and changed the bobbin (again) and it’s working a bit better now.
      Yep, no cats. They been fairly well behaved lately.

      • Hey Stacey, I just thought of something else my machine did one time.[shame on me, and I should be ashamed to tell this,lol]..My bobbin thread kept messing up, and I couldnt figure it out?? FInally ,ONe day I was trying to work on it, [and I know nothing about working on sewing machine,]anyway, I took the bobbin and the bobbin case out completely.. The bottom of the bobbin case was full of dust/threads,etc.. It was making the bobbin case not fit correctly in there. I cleaned it out and oiled it. Worked like a dream. Hope this might help. Nothing more frustrating ,than our machines to go hay wire.

  2. Your pattern want list is wonderful.. I love patterns and fabric.. And when I see something made on a blog.. I end up wanting that pattern.ha Happy sewing.. hope you get your pool and also your pattern wish list.

    • Thanks, Judy!!
      We got the pool!!! YAY!!! It’s a small one, only 12′ wide and 3′ deep, but with the C’s being so little we didn’t want one that would be over their heads.

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