Sewing, Homeschooling and Craziness

So since I am very new to the bloggy world I thought I would link up to

Mrs. Monologues

and introduce myself a bit.

I am Stacy. I am a homeschooling mom to 5 kids! J1 is 18, J2 is 16, D is 15, C1 is 8 and C2 is 5.  As if that’s not enough to keep me busy we also have 2 cats, Bonnie and Pammy, 2 goats, Butch and Sundance and about 30 rabbits…. I won’t list all of them. 😉

I just got a sewing machine in March for my 38th (GRINGE) Bday and have been having a BLAST ever since! I love sewing!!! Why didn’t I start years ago???? Well….. there was The Hubby who was convinced I would sew my fingers together (if you knew me in real life you would know this was a valid fear) and I actually almost did sew them together…. I sorta sewed ONE finger… No big deal, right??? There’s just a little scar. Don’t tell him but I almost did it again today… Scared me to death!! Thankfully it only left a little dent this time. 😉

I was born in WV. Yep! I’m a mountain girl!! But I have lived in Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and here in Virginia. I went to 11 different schools growing up and that doesn’t count bouncing back and forth between the same schools. Nope, not a military brat… Maybe just a bit of gypsy blood or a bit of an adventurer.

I am a bookaholic. I have more books than I know what to do with. They are taking over my house but I haven’t been able to part with any of them that I haven’t read yet! Actually, there are quite a few that I HAVE read and haven’t been able to part with, too! LOL Yep, no 12 step program for me!

I am now a fabric junkie. I can’t walk into any store without thinking of a way to walk out with something I can use to sew with. LOL Sheets? Sure! Pillow cases? Those, too! ANYTHING, really….. If it’s a sickness I don’t want to get better!!

So this is me –

I HATE pictures of myself…………

This is The Hubby

He’s not too fond of pics, either… LOL

Here’s a pic of the Js, D and C1. Hee hee hee! They are just gonna LOVE this. ;))

Clockwise from bottom right we have C1, J1, D and J2.

And here is C2-

I want to write about sewing, homeschooling and the craziness that is my life. Lately I seem to be more focused on the sewing with a sidestep toward craziness every once in a while….

I hope you enjoy my blog!


Comments on: "Blog Star: Hi, I’m Stacy!" (6)

  1. Hey there! I can’t stop laughing because I for real almost did sew my fingers together when Husband bought me a sewing machine. It was not pretty and my kids learned a few new words that day. The sewing machine now lives in the garage where I glare at it everytime I walk past. I hope it feel guilty. It totally should.

    Thanks for visiting me!

  2. I love that you love books. I love them wayyy to much.

    I have a sewing machine still in the box. I want to learn how to sew. Hopefully I’ll learn somethings from you!

    • YAY!! Another bookaholic!!! :)) Have you seen If not, check it out! It’s a bookaholic’s heaven! 😉
      Sewing came easy for me, I hope it does for you, too!!!

  3. So happy that you decided to link-up. You are one strong woman to home school all of those kids. You rock. Also that picture of your husband is hilarious.

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