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May Flowers Skirt and Tutorial


May Flowers Skirt Tutorial –

I am sooooo excited to bring you this tutorial!! My very first!! 🙂 I dreamed this skirt up out of the blue and thankfully I was able to see it to fruition! I will be entering this skirt in the Crafterhours Skirt Week contest in the children’s skirt category so wish me luck!!!!


Fabric – 1 yd of cornflower blue satin – blue for sky (you can use any kind of fabric but blue in color would be best)
Fabric scraps in many colors – for flowers
Fabric scraps in green – leaves
Fabric scraps in yellow – sun
Fabric scraps in white – cloud
Stretch of green in width of the front panel –  grass
Scraps of ribbon –  flower petals, flower stems
Buttons – flower middles
Elastic – measured to child’s waist + ½ inch
White thread – I used white to give it the look I wanted. (D says it looks like a La La Loopsy LOL)

1 – I started by cutting the satin into an A-line. I cut it while still folded over and then cut the pieces apart after I had my lines. It’s easier to do it that way than to cut the back and front and THEN try to get an even line on the sides.


2- I put the green underneath the skirt and cut the angles.


Sorry… The pic is a little sideways. :/


3- I zig-zag stitched the entire perimeter of the green section.

4- Pin the green to the front of the front panel, make sure to turn up the bottom of the front panel and pin for the hem.

5- Straight stitch green to blue, creating a hem as you go.


6- Gather some round items to use as a guide for your flowers and sun.


7- Cut circles – 2 of each color


8- Draw out a cloud on the white scraps and cut while folded (but not ON the fold)


9- Cut ribbon into sections for flower petals


10 – Pin ribbon petals between flower sections

11- Zig-zag stitch all around

12- Continue to do that with the other flowers or leave on plain like I did.
13- Pin ribbon for stems in between the grass and skirt front panel. You can also pin the leaves.

14- Straight stitch together.

15- Straight stitch up both sides on all stems.

16- Pin flowers to the tops of stems.

Sorry! I forgot to take pics for these steps!

17- If you are using buttons for the middles, attach the flowers to the skirt by sewing the buttons through the flower middles into the front panel of skirt.

18- If you have a flower that won’t have a middle, straight stitch all the way around it to attach it to the skirt front.

19- Zig-zag stitch around both pieces of the cloud

20- Pin to the top corner of skirt panel, making sure to leave room for side seams and waist.

21- Zig-zag to skirt.

22- Zig-zag stitch around both pieces of the sun. (sewing them together)

23- Pin  to the top corner of skirt front.

24- Zig-zag stitch sun to the skirt front

25- Pin and hem back panel of skirt.

26- Pin sides of skirt together (right sides together) and sew side seams.


27- Leaving skirt inside out, pin over the top, leaving room for the elastic.

28- Sew elastic pocket but leave an opening to put the elastic through.

29- Pin safety pins to BOTH ends of elastic and thread through the elastic pocket opening. Be sure to hold firmly to both ends.


30. Sew ends of elastic together.


31- Sew the opening closed.

32- Turn right side out.

You are done!! Congratulations! You have made the May Flower Skirt!!!

This way my first tutorial so let me know if it was easy for you to follow. I am definitely open for constructive criticism. 😉

I will be putting another skirt together this week and I will be sure to add a tutorial for it as well! I can’t wait for you to see it!! Another one that is different and came straight from my mind (a very scary place! LOL).

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Upcoming Posts

I have some great stuff coming up for y’all!! This week I’ll be posting a tutorial for my May Flowers Skirt and creating a list of my favorite homeschooling sites. I will be picking a great book from the library, “When Pigasso Met Mootisse”.

When Pigasso Met Mootisse

I’ll have to come up with some fun ideas for the kids to do.

I’ll be adding some more info to my About Me page so y’all can “get to know” me! 😉

AND I’ll be adding some more of my finished projects.

Soooo, stick around! Sign up for the e-mail so you won’t miss anything!!

What I would LOOOOVE to do (if/when I get enough followers) is to have some contests and swaps. Pattern swaps, project swaps, etc.

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Hancock’s Sale

Ooooh, my!!! I just got back from the Hancock’s sale and boy did I stock up! ;)) A lot of fabrics are 50% and they had a GREAT clearance section. They also have their Butterick’s and McCall’s patterns on sale for 99 cents! That includes the Butterick’s Vintage!!!

Here are the 4 vintage and one vintage look (*I* think) patterns that I got!


Butterick’s B4790

Butterick’s 5708

Butterick’s B5603

Butterick’s 5748

McCall’s 4769

It’s OK. You can be jealous. 😉

I stocked up on gingham! Pink, green, yellow!!!! OHHHH, how I LOVE gingham. I think it’s due to the cute Gingham Girls paperdolls I had when I was little.

Oh, I got some great Madras, too! I even picked up some Spiderman and Green Lantern for c2. BOTH were on sale!

I am all set for sewing for quite awhile. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t hit any more sales if they come up… It is an addiction after all. ;))

I need to find something bigger to store my fabric in…. The milk crate overfloweth…..

On another note…..

I think I mention in my About Me section that we raise rabbits. These are NOT to eat. LOL Apparently that is a big thing in rural Virginia. Nope, we raise them as PETS!! I mean really!! Who could eat something so soft and fluffy???

Well, we had some of our little ones escape. We managed to catch a few but there are still one or two that we can’t get. That number has now been reduced. While the Hubby and kids were all outside they caught a glimpse of Wild Kingdom! Some sort of bird (Hubby says looks like an eagle without the white head) swooped down and snatched up a little black bunny!!! Right in the front yard!!! OMGosh!!! CRAZY!!!!

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I am going to link up over at Be Different…Act Normal for the Show and Tell Saturday!! YAY!!!

Sewing Blogs I LOVE!

I am not much of a writer. Never really have been. My blog is going to be more like me just talking to you. Talking is definitely something I do well. 😉

I have been trying to figure out how to add links to the blogs I love over on the side… Yeah, it’s not working so well for me yet. LOL Although I have been able to make some changes for the better!  I think it’s just a matter of playing around with it until I get it exactly the way I want it. So until then it will definitely be a work in progress.

Here are some of my very favorite sewing blogs and sites. They will either have great inspirations, free patterns or tutorials. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!


Project Run and Play


Sew Weekly

Sew May Ways

Sew a Straight Line

Craftiness Is Not Optional

Running With Scissors

Fave Crafts 

Adventures in Dressmaking

All Free Sewing

We Sew Retro

We Sew Vintage

Simple Simon & Co.

So there are a few of my faves! I know I am missing a few so when I think of them I will come back and add them here. Keep an eye on this post! 😉

I think I will be starting on my children’s skirt today for the Crafterhours contest. I can’t wait!! I hope I can get this from my head onto the fabric! LOL It’s definitely going to be different. I ❤ different!!! So time to clear off the dining room table! That’s our homeschooling site AND my crafting/sewing site, not to mention that my library is . LOL Lots going on in that room!

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed I LOVE to use !!!!! and smiley faces and caps……. Yes, I still have a bit of 7th grader living inside me. It’s OK, though, we get along well.  LOL

Linky Parties, Finished Sewing Projects, Advice for New Sew-ers and Grocery Story Craziness

I just signed my blog up in a linky party over at Sew Many Ways!! YAY!!! So, HELLO to anyone that stumbles in! Welcome to my blog!

I managed to finish my sewing project last night. It took me 2 days!! But I had a big disaster! Here are some of the pics!

I had a disaster with the back of the blouse!


One side came out DEFINITELY shorter than the other! LOL It was a time consuming but fairly easy fix. I just took the back apart and shortened the one side then put it all back together again. And this time the zipper looks better, too! LOL

I am new to sewing. VERY new but I wanted to give some advice to other newbies or people that are just thinking about trying it out. My advice is just DO IT! I am sort of a jump in with both feet and figure it out as I go person. LOL And that’s what I did with sewing. I grabbed some scraps and fiddled with all the knobs and buttons on my machine until I felt comfortable. Then I started sewing clothes! The Hubby thought I would start off with pillows and simple straight things. HA! 😉 Anyway, if you are thinking about trying it out, GO FOR IT!! It really amazed me how easy it is. I make mistakes all the time and the seam ripper is my BFF but I just keep going. I follow a TON of blogs. That’s very helpful because most of them have tutorials so it’s easier to see how something comes together. Patterns can be intimidating, at least they were for me, but once you figure out what they are trying to say it becomes a lot easier.

Grocery shopping. SIGH… What a chore. At least it is when you are shopping for 7 people!! I take the Js with me to push the buggies and that leaves me free to zig-zag down the aisles and grab what I’m after. I LOVE to see the looks on the cashiers’ faces when we pull into their lines with 2 buggies! LOL “Are you all together?” Yes. “Having a party are you?” Nope. This is just a regular shopping trip! ROFLOL! I do the bulk of our grocery shopping every 2 wks. Then we usually make a family trip once a week for special items and milk, bread, etc. That’s always fun, too. We always get, “Are they all yours??” One day I am going to get up the nerve to say, “Nope. We just pick up random kids off the side of the road and bring them with us.” 😉

I have two more skirts that I am planning to do for the Crafterhours Skirt Week contests. I think I will do the kid’s skirt this weekend. This one will be ALL from my own mind. Scary! LOL And I am going to take pics of the whole process and write up a little tutorial once I’m all finished.

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