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Butch and Sundance


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Our new baby miniature goats!!! I ❤ them already!!! Although, bottle feeding did NOT go well this evening… I guess we just have to let them get used to us. They baa-ed and nearly scared C&C to death! LOL

I didn’t get much sewing done today. After our pastor stopped by to let us know he was bringing the goats today the kids went crazy, even the 3 older kids!!  Every 5 mins one of the little ones would ask how much longer. LOL So no school work got done and not much sewing! LOL

The Retro Butterick ’56 is a bit complicated. At least to me!! LOL I have had to read and reread the directions to try to figure out what the heck they wanted me to do! ROFLOL! And I had to take the collar apart… SHEESH!! But I am bound and determined to finish it by Saturday! I need time to work on my last skirt for Crafterhours!!! And now there’s Purse Palooza 2012!!!! And one of these weeks I would love to take part in one of the Sew Weekly Challenges! Sooooo much to sew, sooooo little time….. LOL Why, oh WHY did I wait so long to learn to sew??? Oh, yeah… The Hubby…. He thought I would sew my fingers together. And… well…. he wasn’t far off… LOL Within 2 wks of starting to sew I managed to sew right through one of my fingers! YILES!!! Soooo much blood and soooo much pain!!! Needless to say I am MUCH more careful now! LOL

My sewing machine continues to be possessed… Anyone know a priest willing to work on machinery?? The light came back on for a few minutes today and then went right back out again. While the light was on the thread kept getting sucked back up into it again. SIGH…. Yep, it’s possessed.

So here’s a rundown of my FUTURE sewing projects.

Finish the Retro Butterick ’56

A-line skirt – will post a tutorial

Petticoat – will post a tutorial

Purse – will post a tutorial

There’s not much going on in our homeschooling now. We are pretty much all finished for the year except for the testing. But I will probably start my planning for next year soon and I will share some themes, units and ideas with you.

AWWW!!! Butch and Sundance are crying for their mommy!!! Poor, sweet, little fellas!! Fingers crossed that the bottle feeding goes well tomorrow!! Oh! And they are OK. They are eating and drinking regular goat stuff but weren’t fully weaned yet. The bottle feeding is more less to help them bond with us which is very important since they are little boys and could be aggressive.

That’s all for tonight! 🙂 See you all tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by and please click to follow! 🙂


A Rant Against Snobs

Snobs…. BLECK!!! They are everywhere. Those people that think they are better than everyone else. It makes me mad. It makes me crazy. What makes YOU any better than anyone else?? Nothing. We all come into this world the same way, more or less, and we all will be leaving it the same way.

I have seen snobs of all kinds. You typical “I have more money than you” snobs or the “I have a degree from an ivy league school” snobs…. I have seen restaurant snobs, movie snobs, book snobs, grammar snobs…. People can be snobby about the stupidest things! There are people that think they are smarter than I am because I speak with a Southern accent and have a tendency to drop my g’s. :PPPPPPPPPPPPP to you!

Now I have found a NEW type of snob. The sewing snob. Good grief. There are people that are basically attacking new sew-ers/bloggers for putting “shoddy work out into the internet”. Oh, PUHLEASE!! Get over yourself. To me sewing is an art an just like art it can be seen in different ways by different people. And just because I don’t like Picasso it doesn’t make his art less appealing to others! It doesn’t make him any less an artist!

Come down off your high horse and leave those people alone! Instead of tearing them down, build them up! If you think they need help in an area offer to help them instead of belittling them! Most times I bet they would welcome constructive criticism. Being hateful and ugly doesn’t help anyone.

Yes, I am a new sewist. I make LOTS of mistakes. I will be the first to point them out.The purpose of my blog isn’t to make someone sew like me, it’s a documentation of my journey, both as a sew-er and a homeschooler. It’s also to help those new to sewing (like MYSELF) and new to homeschooling. Not because I know it all. Not because I can do it all. But because I CAN’T!!! It’s to show that you don’t have to be perfect to have fun with something! I don’t claim to sew couture. I don’t want to sew couture. I don’t have that type of lifestyle. LOL Most people don’t and that’s another point.

If you come across the blog of a new sew-er and it offends your delicate sensibilities then don’t follow it! Don’t read it! But you also don’t have to shoot it and the person writing it down. By doing that you just might take something away from them, their enjoyment of what they are doing, their pride in accomplishment and for that I say SHAME ON YOU!

Maybe I am a reverse snob and that’s OK with me. Maybe I am a hypocrite for ranting about this the way I am. That’s OK, too. I would rather be called those things than to sit idly by while someone tears someone else down.

Disclaimer – I have no idea what blog the lady was talking about but it just made me mad that she would attack someone like that instead of offering them advice from her wealth of knowledge (insert sarcasm here). Who is she that she thinks she can decide who is sewing blog worthy??? LOL


Off to try to remember to press my fabric! 😉


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