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Good Grief!!!! Retro Butterick ’56 and Tutorials

Did you know that the skirt for this has 6 pieces??? 6!!! PIECES!! There has to be nearly 4 yrds of material just for the skirt!! LOL
Well, I guess you can see from the above photo that I have started sewing on this. I am only on step 4 and I have already had to take it apart once! LOL I thought I might have to again due to confusing instructions! GRR!! But then I realized that no, it was SUPPOSE to be that way….
And guess what…. My light went out in the sewing machine. AGAIN! I have smacked it a few times but that doesn’t to be working this go around. I may have to try begging next.
OHH!! Look at THIS!! Sew Sweetness Purse Palooza 2012! Is that not cool?? I can’t wait! I am definitely going to be following along. D wants me to make her a purse so this is PERFECT!!! I might even enter the contest! 🙂
Which reminds me… I am still going to do the Crafterhours Skirt Week. I just want to get the Retro Butterick ’56 out of my system first! LOL
I thought I would show you some more pics of some of my past projects! 🙂
Here is a peasant blouse that I made for D. Let me see if I can find a tutorial somewhere for you. Here you go! It’s for a child’s peasant top but it can be easily adjusted for adults.
That is a peasant blouse from a man’s dress shirt. Here’s a tutorial for that.
That was the 2nd outfit that I made for myself. No pattern or tutorial. I just knew what I wanted and made it from my head. 😉
Book cover with handles!! I need to make more of those. I am thinking about giving them as Christmas presents. 😉
Well, that’s it for tonight! See you all tomorrow if Pammy doesn’t get me first! 😉

I Think My Cat Is Trying to Kill Me……

Oh, she may LOOK all innocent but I know. She’s trying to get me out of the way. You see, The Hubby is the only human she loves. She merely tolerates the rest of us. I can see her watching me out of the corner of my eye. She turns her head very quickly when I look, trying to act like she was doing something else… But I KNOW!!! When I try to walk down the stairs there she is running under my feet… She wants to trip me! Or if she’s already on the stairs, at the exact moment that I go to step over her  she decides she needs to be somewhere else.. Yep… So if I go missing you’ll know! You’ll know it was Pammy the Cat!  I bent over this morning to put something in a draw and she took a swipe at my backside. When I turned around she gave me The Look. You know what look I’m talking about. The one that says, “I’m gonna get you!” That’s when I knew for certain. She wants me out of the way so she can have The Hubby to herself.

I’ll be back later to update on my sewing… I need to make sure my will is in order first…..

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