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Crap, Crud, AWWWW and Insane

What a title! LOL

First the crap! I completely forgot that today is Tuesday… The day we were going to join a realllly cool homeschooling co-op. Every time The Hubby has a 4 day weekend it throws me completely off. So all day today I was thinking that we were going TOMORROW… SIGH…. There’s always next week. *singing if I only had a brain* Any bets on whether or not I’ll remember for next week???

Now the crud! I cut out alllll the pieces for the Retro Butterick ’56, including ALL 6 pieces of the skirt. Yes, that is 6 pieces! for a skirt! LOL Only to realize that I can’t cut the lining because someone forgot that she was out of lining material. SIGH…….. Gee, I guess that means I have to go out to the fabric store tomorrow. What a hardship! 😉

This is c2. He is the he. c1 is the she. 😉


Aren’t they cute??? Well, they are pretty sweet, too. c2 says to me, “Mommy, you are so fluffy and poofy! You smell like oranges! You are beautiful and I love you!” AWWW!!!!! Totally makes up for the whiny spell he had earlier. 😉

Insane – Me to The Hubby, “May I have some of those Cheetos?” c2 to me, “Here, mommy, try the puffy kind.” Me, “No, thank you. I don’t like the puffy kind.” c2, “Mommy, you must have the insane!”  ROFLOL!!!! Yes. I do have the insane. LOL

So, that’s all for today, folks! See you tomorrow!!

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My Fave Homeschooling Stuff and Retro Butterick ’56

Here it is! The list I promised! But first I have to show you a couple of pics from my start of the Retro Butterick ’56! 😉

That’s Bonnie. She just LOVES to help me cut fabric. Every single time I cut she is right in the middle of it. LOL I think she thinks the material is just for her…. What a mess!!
Here’s the list!
My Fave Homeschooling Stuff (great title, huh?)
1- Little Passports – My 2 youngest (the c’s) LOVE getting these every month. They really help out with our countries and cultures studies.
2- Young Scientist Club – I used to subscribe to the monthly packages but then I realized I could get 3 whole experiments in one package for not much more than one if I bought them from Amazon instead! LOL
3- Hands of a Child – LOVE LOVE LOVE their lapbooks and notepacks! (click on the links if you don’t know what lapbooks or notepacks are)
4- CurrClick – I love Currclick. They always have great freebies and wonderful sales. You can find unit studies, lapbooks, notebooking, you name it, at Currclick
5- Netflix – So many resources here! Movies about nature, history, science…..
Everything from here is down is FREE! Yep. FREE! I ❤ free!!!
1- Paperbackswap – Ok, so you gotta pay to mail your old books to someone else but still when you think about the price of a NEW book  this is as good as free! 😉 Besides not only does PBS have great books they have great people, too. I met all of my BFFs on PBS. (Hi, Brats! I love you all!!) You can swap books through the system AND you can go to their games forums and play swapping games! SOOOOO much fun. Everyone once in a while I will hostess a game. You are guaranteed to have a good time! 😉
2- Homeschool Share – This site is amazing and all of their units and lapbooks are FREE!!! I can’t tell you how much help their stuff has been.
3-Homeschool Helper Online – They have FREE lapbooks, notebooking pages, worksheets, coloring pages and so much more!
4- Notebooking Fairy –  She makes THE BEST FREE notebooking pages. We just love them!!
5- Squidoo – WOW! They have sooo many unit studies and topics it boggles the mind. I have so many of them Pinned!! History, science, math, grammar, the works!
6- No Time for Flashcards – So many hands on learning ideas and crafts here. She will even introduce you to new children’s books and have some activities to go along with them.
7- 1+1+1=1 – SOOOO many cute and wonderful Pre-K and K printables and packs. c2 LOVES them!!
8- Homeschool Creations – This is a great site for resources, printables and encouragement. I subscribe to both of the blogs and they are SOOO helpful!!
9- Activity Village – TONS of free printables and activities for history, holidays, seasons, etc.
10- DLTK-Kids – So many wonderful printable activities for Pre-K and K. I have used so many of them. They is also a sister site First School.
11- Khan Academy – OMGosh! I LOVE this site. No more pulling my hair out while trying to teach higher math! LOL This site is a God send!! Seriously! Check it out. You’ll LOVE it! They have videos for upper science, math and history.
12- Donna Young’s Homeschool Resources and Printables – Need a printable timeline? She has it. Need a printable planner? She has it. Need to print a diploma? She has that, too! Plus more and more and more!
13- Almost Unschoolers – I ❤ this blog!! You want hands on? Go there! So amazing!!
14- Mama Jenn – Another blog that is SO amazing. She has it all! Printables, activities, encouragement! I always look forward to getting her posts in my e-mail.
15- 2 Teaching Mommies – SUCH cute printables and packs! I love them!!!
16- Dynamic 2 Moms  – These ladies make AWESOME lapbooks, notebooking pages and unit studies. I ❤ them!
SHEW!! That’s my list for now! I know I missed some so I will be coming back to update this list as I remember them! LOL
I guess I should go do some cleaning. SIGH…. I love having 2 bathrooms…. I hate having 2 bathrooms. LOL
I need a sign that says “I’d rather be sewing”. LOL

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