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Giveaway at Homeschooling Unscripted!!!!

Homeschooling Unscripted is giving away Exploring Creation with Biology with Solutions & Tests (Retail $85) by Apologia!! I have always wanted to check some of those out!!


I’m an Idiot, Unschooling? and New Sewing Projects

Have you ever typed up a LOOOOONG paper or post or whatever and then hit the wrong button only to have the ENTIRE thing wiped out??? Yeah, well… that just happened to me. SIGH…. Maybe I should type the posts on Google Doc and then copy and paste! LOL At least then if I hit a wrong button it will still be there!!!

I think I had a lesson in how unschooling works yesterday. My 5 yr old son (c2) has never really had any formal “school lessons”. Instead we play games, sing songs, make crafts and every once in a while he will do a few pages from those CUTE PreK packs that are floating around web.  He has always seemed to be more drawn to numbers and almost ignoring letters. He will ask what a word is and then seems to memorize that one word for a while. Until yesterday! He was playing with his Transformers laptop and it asked him to spell the word dog and he DID!! He SPELLED dog! I was blown away! I think I will continue to follow him and see where he leads us. 😉

I started a new sewing project yesterday. I am soooo excited about it!!! I am planning on entering the Crafterhours Skirt Week contests! I am making this for the full skirt. I know it’s a dress pattern but I am adjusting it to make a blouse and skirt! I just love the vintage look of it!

I am making the pink dress style and the fabric I am using is GORGEOUS!!! I wish I could remember the name of it! LOL I found it on sale at Joann’s.

Here is the skirt I will be entering for the straight skirt category. I finished it up Tuesday.


It’s made from cotton gauze and is very light and airy. Perfect for summer!! I even decided to try my hand at cutting and sewing appliques! It was much easier than I thought it was going to be. There is a tutorial for a similar type of skirt at Sew a Straight Line. Wish I had had this over the weekend when I was making mine! It would have been even easier! LOL  All week long Crafterhours will have tutorials for all kinds of skirts! YAY!!!! My to make list is going to grow and grow and grow…… 😉

Here are some pics of some of my past sewing projects. I hope to eventually add tutorials for most of them. Until then if I used a tutorial I will try to link you to it. Most of them can be found on my Pinterest. I LOOOOVE that site. I am just a tiny bit addicted….

This one was from a pattern – Easy McCall’s M6197 – I just changed it here and there to suit my needs.

Here is a pick of it actually on C1.

Cute in Gingham

This is one of those winging it dresses. LOL I just knew what I wanted and set about trying to make it. And all the material came from the remnant bins at Joann’s!! It cost less than $8 to make the whole thing! The most expensive thing was the eyelet!

The ever popular Bubble Skirt

This one came from McCall’s LolaLou M6271. It was very easy to make and looks so cute! I made myself a maxi dress to sort of match.

I will be adding more past projects as the days go by. And I hope to post at least once a day but it could actually be more often… I tend to be a little chatty. LOL

Thanks for reading!!!!



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